Susie Douglas is the founder of Down 2 Bike Project, a mountain bike coaching business based out of McCall, ID.  She has 7+ years of experience working in the biking industry and enjoys racing Expert class in Enduro and Downhill MTB events when time allows.  The last five years Susie has been a seasonal employee for the United States Antarctic Program and after each cold winter on the ice, she enjoys Bikepacking and mountain biking through the beautiful country of New Zealand. The driving force behind her business is a passion to motivate people to ride bikes while promoting a healthy and fun lifestyle.  Susie is certified mountain bike instructor through PMBI (Professional Mountain Bike Instructor Association), a former Bell Joy Ride Ambassador, and student of holistic wellness.


 Hello Everyone!  I've learned over the last few years how biking can change your life in an incredibly fun way. As an avid outdoor enthusiast, adventure traveler and bike rider, it only made sense to start a business that would help share that lifestyle and passion with others.  I hope to instill enough confidence and adventurous spirit in fellow riders so they can begin to explore the world by bike and enjoy it as much as I do. Because let's be honest, traveling while on two wheels is more fun!


Kevin Bo

New Zealand Contract, Gravity Day in Queenstown

"Susie is the best!" Our outing was fantastic. The trip she organized was well planned and accommodated my riding level. Queenstown was my first time riding a full gravity rig. Susie made me feel safe and in control as she pointed out riding tips, gave out yips at technical sections, and scheduled a progression of routes as my comfort level increased throughout the day. I came out of the day wishing I had used a guide service 8 years ago, when I started riding. I learned so much about how to position my body and work the bike. Susie has that natural coach vibe, and does an excellent job instructing while being fun and extremely positive. Now I can apply what I learned from the gravity day, taking my Enduro and cross-country riding to the next level! Thanks Susie, looking forward to taking a skills clinic with you next!

Dawnen Knoefler

Personalized Coaching Lesson - Sedona, Arizona

“Thank you, Susie, for ‘lighting my MTBing fire’. I did not know how much this bike lesson was going to ramp up my obsession. You were the perfect fit for teaching me some basic bike skills and I am hungry for lesson #2. Anyone who needs a confidence inspiring, super fun and knowledgeable teacher would be pleased to work with you!

David Dickson

New Zealand Contract, Queenstown Enduro Trail Exploration

“Susan Douglas has a huge joy for mountain biking. You can see it every time you ask her to go biking or you see the pictures she posts. The only thing that puts a bigger smile on her face is teaching others how to mountain bike. I first went biking with Susie in New Zealand. I may have fibbed a little about how much I had biked before. I went up to an amazing bike park never having ridden a gravity bike or riding with clips. But Susie was there every step of the way following behind making sure I was safe and doing the right thing. She was an amazing teacher, never getting annoyed when I couldn't do something. She shows so much joy and compassion for teaching others. And you can tell that the happiest thing in her life is seeing people she is teaching find the same joy for this sport as she does. Susie showed me the joys of Mountain biking and changed my life with it.”

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